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Services in the Planning Phase

Assistance in this phase focuses on exploring and defining a problem or phenomena of interest for organizations, institutions, scholarly professional, and students. The purpose of a research proposal or evaluation design may be to advance knowledge in a field of study, apply for and satisfy the requirements of a grant, or conduct a thesis or dissertation study. Search for the services you need in the planning phase of your research.

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  • Research Design & Proposals: These activities can help you target and narrow your focus, get feedback on your designs, or critique the appropriateness and feasibility of your proposed research design. You may also need suggestions when working with a thesis or dissertation committee prior to approval.

    • Explore, identify, and define problems or phenomena to be researched
    • Generate and refine research questions
    • Examine and develop potential qualitative methodological designs
    • Match appropriate methodology to research questions
    • Define research purpose, expectations, and significance
    • Assist with grant applications for research projects.

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  • Background Information & Literature Reviews: It is frequently time consuming to gather the necessary information needed to apply for grants, submit proposals for RFPs, or narrow down as much of the relevant research needed for an academic research study. These services can help reduce your own time consuming efforts.

    • Gather organizational, institutional, community, or cultural information related to a problem or phenomena
    • Search and gather relevant research literature or work with client supplied information and literature
    • Create a meaningful review of literature that frames and supports the proposed research.

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  • Evaluation Designs & Recommendations: Grants, philanthropic donations, and government programs frequently require evaluations of the programs or interventions they support. An evaluation plan is required at the time of proposal and expected periodically and/or when funding ends, or for continued funding. These activities will help insure a grant is awarded, refunded, or acknowledged as successful.

    • Analyze the program or intervention to be evaluated
    • Examine, propose, or design instruments and methods that gather appropriate evidence
    • Gather data on implementation, processes, and evidence of desired outcomes.
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Services in the Production & Processing Phase

This is the most labor-intensive stage of any research or evaluation project. Researchers strive to collect rich data from several sources and use triangulation to secure the trustworthiness of their study. Frequently, the data is so rich and so plentiful that the researcher is overwhelmed and lacks the time, energy, and even resources to adequately process and analyze the information they gathered. Search for the services you need in the production & processing phase of your research.


  • Instrument Creation & Data Collection:Good qualitative data requires good collection instruments. From a well-trained researcher as instrument to good semi-structured and open-ended questions that invite interviewees to report their activities and share their experiences, valuable information can be collected for analysis and interpretation. The sheer volume of all this information can overwhelm and extra help is sometimes needed.

    • Write interview questions and protocols
    • Write survey questions and response choices
    • Conduct in-person and remote interviews
    • Conduct focus group and key informant interviews
    • Conduct ethnographic observations and writing field notes
    • Design journal entries and participant log entries
    • Construct genograms and ecological maps
    • Create narrative inquiry and family history
    • Document through audio and video recordings
    • Identify and gather documents and artifacts.
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  • Data Cleaning, Management, & Processing: Once information is collected, it needs to undergo a variety of steps to achieve a state in which it can be analyzed, understood, and interpreted, before it can be presented as findings. Qualitative data can get noisy, messy, and cluttered. Some of the following service actions can greatly improve your ability to maintain the integrity of your data and gain maximum use of the information collected.

    • Remove identifying meta data from notes, photos, artifacts, and audio recordings
    • Reduce background noise on audio interview recordings
    • Transcribe audio recorded interviews
    • Edit video observations and interviews, with or without transcription
    • Create secure filing storage system for data.

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  • Data Analysis/Coding & Summary: Easily recognized as the most time consuming and intellectually challenging stage of the qualitative research process, these activities are frequently the most satisfying and rewarding. This is where the answers begin to emerge and speculation may be confirmed or denied. A little help at this point can sometimes mean the difference between completing a research project and never finishing due to time or funding constraints.

    • Segment data sources into meaningful unit codes, themes, and categories
    • Consensus Coding for inter–rater reliability used in triangulation
    • Write definitions of codes, themes, and categories
    • Match and gather/bundle together coded data
    • Write summaries of findings.
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Services in the Publication Phase

This stage of the research or evaluation process should be one of reward and satisfaction in sharing with the research community or stakeholders the findings of the work and the significant meanings of those findings. However, for some researchers, this stage is marked by fatigue with the work, approaching deadlines for reporting to grantors funding their work, or program managers needing outcome reports. This most satisfying stage often becomes a rush to interpret findings, write up summary reports, and produce publications and dissemination products that fully demonstrate the robustness of the work. Should you find yourself in these circumstances, search here for the services you need in the publication phase of your research.

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  • Data Representation & Interpretation: In order to reach the goal of your research, you need to be able to represent your information in an understandable way and explain what it all means within some context to the broader community.

    • Establish relationships within findings
    • Create graphic and visual representations of findings
    • Explain and evaluate findings using informed theories, policies, or practices.

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  • Publication Production & Dissemination: Reports on and distribution of your findings to other researchers and stakeholders can be accomplished through narratives, such as essays or dramatic productions, through graphical and visual representations, such as concept maps or infographics, and through interactive media, such as multimedia e-books or webpages.

    • Write reports on research of problems and exploration of environments or phenomena
    • Generate publications of appropriate lengths for different venues such as journal articles, book chapters, and full-length books
    • Disseminate findings to intended and interested audiences through traditional and digital means, such as e-books, interactive PDFs, or webpages.
    • Proofreading and editing of all document forms, including: research proposals, theses, dissertations, research reports, letters of inquiry and grant applications, RFPs, journal articles, books, newsletters, Blog posts, and webpages/websites.

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  • Press Releases & Blog Posts: In today's information rich environment, it takes additional effort beyond publishing in referred journals to keep the public and fellow researchers informed about your important work and its broader implications. There are many forms this can take and be maintained.

    • Provide announcements of research to interested parties
    • Post informative notices and summaries in and on associated venues
    • Write informal summaries and comments on research endeavors.
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Possible Bundled Support Services

It is always possible to contract for more than one service at the same time, particularly if they are related to the same project. For example, it is logical to combine a literature review with the development of a research proposal, or combine interview transcription with coding of the same transcripts.

If it is practical and logical to do so, and may help bring down the overall cost of a project, think about how two or more services could be bundled together and inquire about those combinations.

In order to give you an idea of the range of fees I charge, listed below are some sample fees for some common services you will be able to compare to other providers:

Click to Open Sample Service Fees
Service by Price/Unit
Service Fee Per Unit Fee Per Unit Fee Per Unit
Interview Transcriptions One-on-one - $1.25/recorded min. Good Quality Focus Group - $1.50/recorded min. Poor Quality - $1.75 Good Quality Group Meeting - $1.65/recorded min. Poor Quality $2.00
Proofreading with light Editing $3.00/page up to 20 pages $2.75/page up to 50 pages $2.50/page 100 pages & beyond
Editing with heavy Edits $5.00/page up to 20 pages $4.75/page up to 50 pages $4.50/page 100 pages & beyond
Non-English Speaking Writers Add $1.50 to each Proofreading or Editing fee per unit.  
APA or MLA Formatting of Citations in Text & Reference List $1.00/reference will include check to make sure text citations and references listed match.
Map & Organize Information for Literature Review $25.00/hour    
Write Up Literature Review $30.00/hour    
Content Analysis or Thematice Coding With Definitions or Descriptions $35.00/hour - 5 to 10 pages/hour depending on the coding scheme    

When my work is completed, I will send you an invoice listing the work items and fees to your email address, as well as posting it in our shared Dropbox folder if we are using that method of exchange.

Payment Method: Payment(s) are made via my PayPal account to a private email address I will send you in my invoice. For large contracts, in length or amount, a payment schedule at the 1/3 or 1/2 completion point may be required. If you need to complete the process through a grant manager or Comptroller's office, please let me know any necessary information I need to forward it to the appropriate personnel and their contact information by phone and email.

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Targeted Services Independent of Research Phase

Services are also available that are independent of any research project or phase for work that must be completed in the normal course of accomplishing various tasks. Services such as:

Transcription Facts & Fees - Click to Open

Students, businesses, and organizations conduct interviews, record meetings and focus groups, or attend and record conference speeches, all of which have more value if a transcript is produced for future analysis or review.

The chart below lists fees for transcription of audio recordings by the type of recording and by the quality of the recording. The reason most people hire someone else to transcribe their recordings is because of the difficulty involved in hearing precisely what the speakers are saying, which can be made even more difficult by many factors.

Some of those factors include: heavy accents, rapid speech, hesitant speech with many meaningless filler words, sensitive recorders that pick up background noises that obscure the speakers' words, such as outside traffic, rustling paper, or coughing. Phone interviews are especially prone to static, very low audio, or speakers multi-tasking during the interview — all of which will require your transcriptionist to listen to sections multiple times in an effort to capture as much speech as possible — otherwise you will receive line after line of "Inaudible" because speakers' words were lost.

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When determining the quality of your audio recordings consider this — if you have difficulty hearing or understanding what was said — so will your transcriptionist. If you find someone who will only charge you $.75 cents or $1 per minute, please make sure your recordings are not being outsourced to a typist in a foreign country or transcribed using word recognition software because you may end up paying for repeated lines of "Inaudible" or meaningless text.

Many high volume companies and services will offer rush delivery, such as a 24 hour turnaround. I do not. In my experience, many perceived "rush jobs" are rarely needed immediately and not worth the added expense for the client or added stress for the transcriber. I believe it is unfair to my current clients to interrupt my work on their project in order to accommodate someone who is late or did not plan ahead. I encourage clients to plan several weeks ahead and book fairly firm dates for their recordings to be processed. So, avoid disappointment and contact me about your project, how large it is, and when you will need it completed. I will let you know if that time period is available.

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Transcription Fees Per Unit Type
Type of Audio Recording Fees For Good Quality Recordings Fees For Poor Quality Recordings
One-on-One Interviews $1.25 Per Audio Minute $1.50 Per Audio Minute
3 to 4 Person Focus Groups or Meetings $1.50 Per Audio Minute $1.75 Per Audio Minute
5 to 10 Person Focus Groups or Meetings $1.75 Per Audio Minute $2.00 Per Audio Minute
Lectures or Speeches $1.50 Per Audio Minute $1.75 Per Audio Minute
Depositions or Court Proceedings $1.65 Per Audio Minute $2.00 Per Audio Minute
Other Audio Processing To Improve Audio Quality or Alter Content  
Digital Cleaning of Background Noises Without Transcription $15 Per Full Recording Same $15
Cleaning, Rearranging, or Editing Out Audio Segments Without Transcription $20 Per Single Recording With Instructions Same $20
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Challenges of Audio Transcription Work

It is always possible to transcribe the recording yourself by simply listening to it and typing the words spoken into a word processing program. However, many people do not realize that it can take anywhere from 3 to 6 hours to transcribe a single hour of recorded speech - meaning 1 minute of a recorded audio can take up to 6 minutes to transcribe.

While this may sound unbelievably long, many factors can affect transcription speed, such as those mentioned above. If you decided to record an interview outside – expect loud or persistent traffic or train noises. In a cafeteria or busy office, other people speaking at surrounding tables or in a hallway may dominate your recording. Focus group interviews can be a nightmare if people talk over each other or there are not enough extra microphones to pick up speakers distant from the recorder. Your own typing speed can be a factor, as well as the recorder's playback quality and it's ability to start, pause, and reverse without missing important words. If you have never done transcription work, you will probably have a frustrating experience and feel the urge to just give up.

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Another decision you must make about your transcription, whether you do it yourself or you contract someone else to do it, is how much verbatim speech you want transcribed. Few people speak without some personal hesitations or space fillers. A person answering a question may pause to think through their answer in silence, but typically people tend to fill in that dead air space with fillers, such as: um, ah, well, you know, etc. as sort of placeholders for what they will say next. Other people incorporate these fillers into everything they say, in every partial or complete sentence they utter creating long and at times complicated recordings. Some people do not even use complete sentences, but simply stick in a filler or two where they completely change directions or thoughts.

Your challenge is to decide how much of this type of speech to include in a transcript or to instruct your hired transcriptionist to include. These excess utterances, coupled with excessive speaking speed, heavy foreign or regional accents and speech patterns, will cause you to be charged extra for the effort it takes to capture and type up each and every utterance. If you will be analyzing your transcriptions by hand or with coding software, you will ultimately eliminate these excessive utterances, therefore you may want to have a verbatim transcription of just a few minutes of an interview to capture characteristics of interviewees' speech and then have just meaningful speech transcribed.

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If you decide to hire me to transcribe your recordings, you will upload and send me your audio recording via a Dropbox folder that you will send me a link to share. I do all transcriptions myself & your recordings never leave my office computer once I download them from Dropbox, and I never outsource my work. I comply with all IRB requirements and keep your recordings confidential. You will never need to worry where your recordings may end up or who is listening to them. I will alert you to any serious problems I find with your recordings, such as large gaps or malfunctioning equipment.

After my work is completed, I upload the completed transcript to our shared Dropbox folder and alert you by email that it is complete. I will send an invoice listing the completed work items and fees to your email address, as well as upload it to our shared Dropbox folder. If you have never used Dropbox, I can send you instructions on how to sign up for a free account and exchange files through a shared folder.

Payment Method: Payment(s) are made via my PayPal account to a private email address I will send you in my invoice. For single audio transcriptions, payment is due 7 days after you receive my invoice. For large contracts, in recorded length or amount of recordings, a payment schedule at the 1/3 or 1/2 completion point may be required. If you need to complete the payment process through a fellowship, grant manager, or Comptroller's office, please let me know any necessary information I need to forward to the appropriate personnel and their contact information by phone and email, as well as when they issue payments.

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Thesis & Dissertation Formatting - Click to Open

Why Hire Someone To Do Your Thesis or Dissertation Formatting?

The reasons are simple and obvious:

  • You are exhausted after writing, defending, & correcting your document.
  • You have limited time between re-writes, corrections, and submission.
  • You need to learn intricate formatting guidelines you will never use again.
  • You may lack the right word processing program to produce the required format.
  • You need a 2nd pair of eyes to check that everything in your document is correct and complete.

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What You Get With Standard Service

Standard Services include:

  • Format all required margins, fonts, page numbering, and paragraphs set forth by your College/University.
  • Format all front and end pages (Title, Copyright, Dedications, Abstract, etc., Bibliography, Appendix or Appendices), Table of Contents, Lists of Figures, Tables, etc. with page numbers.
  • Format all major headings and subheadings, footnotes or endnotes as indicated by the author.
  • Format all in-text Citations and sources in the Reference List/Bibliography according to the Style Manual used in your program — APA or MLA.
  • Resize any Tables, Charts, Diagrams, Figures, or Graphics that will not fit within required margins, unless the author chooses to do this.
  • Conversion of MS Word document to required submission format, such as PDF.

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What You Get With a Few Extra Services:

Extra or Stand Alone Services include:

  • Citation-Reference List Double Check — In addition to the Standard Services, I will make sure all your Citations can be found in your Reference List, and all sources in your Reference List have a corresponding Citation somewhere in your document's text.
  • Light Proofreading — In addition to the Standard Services, I will read through your document, find and correct minor errors, such as misspelled words, missing punctuation, or improperly written items in a series. This is best done during the first submission for initial formatting using Track Changes so you can accept or reject the changes.
  • Citation-Reference List Formatting Only — This is a Stand Alone service and ONLY includes the APA or MLA Formatting of Citations in the text and sources in the Reference List. This DOES NOT include any other Standard formatting for the whole document, or double checking citations, or light proofreading. See the last item in the Table of Fees below.

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Table of Fees

Level of Service Cost Per Page Cost Per Page Cost Per Page
Standard Formatting Service $2.50 up to 200 pgs. $2.25 up to 400 pgs. $2.00 over 400 pgs.
Extra or Stand Alone Formatting Services      
Citation-Referece Double Check with Standard Service Add $0.75 per pg. Add $0.65 per pg. Add $0.50 per pg.
Light Proofreading with Standard Service Add $0.50 per pg. Add $0.40 per pg. Add $0.30 per pg.
Citation-Reference Formatting Only $1.00 per Citation/Reference Pair Same Same
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How I Work:

The following are my work requirements for successful services:

  • You need to Reserve specific calendar days for Formatting Services that are at least 2 weeks before the 1st review check at your Graduate School prior to final submission.
  • You will need to set up a Shared Folder in Dropbox for secure file transfers and send me the link to the documents you upload to it.
  • You will need to obtain and send me the Formatting Guidelines specific to your College/University Graduate School or a link to their online resource regarding that information.
  • I will send you a list of important information I will need to process or include in your document.
  • You will need to obtain and send me all deadlines posted by your Graduate School for submission of your Thesis or Dissertation.
  • You need to tell me which Format Style Guide is required by the program you are enrolled in — APA or MLA.
  • As you near the end of making your document corrections, you can send me a working draft so I can begin formatting citations and references, and resizing any charts, illustrations, diagrams, or graphics that will not fit within required guidelines.
  • I will return your working draft with Track Changes and any notes on issues you need to resolve prior to final formatting.
  • When you have completed all necessary correction, additions, or adjustments to your text and Reference List, you will send me your Final document that is ready to be formally formatted on your reserved calendar days.
  • I will process and finalize all document formatting, create the Table of Contents, necessary lists, etc., and save to a new formal document name (so it does not conflict with earlier versions) and if required, convert to the required format, such as PDF. I will return all materials to you via our shared Dropbox Folder and send you an email to inform you of completion. Please be available via email or text in case I have a pressing question I need answered in order to complete my work.
  • I will create your Invoice based on your document's page count and any additional services you requested. I will upload your Invoice to Dropbox and attach it to your email notification of the completion. Payment is expected in 7 days from receiving your completed documents, and made to my PayPal account via a personal email address I will include in my Invoice.

While there are a number of steps you need to take to initiate and move the document formatting process along, the steps listed above are necessary for accuracy and a smooth transition from draft to a fully formatted document. If you remain on schedule, then I can maintain my scheduled work and deliver your document on the date promised. If you run into any unforeseen delays, please notify me immediately so we can make any necessary adjustments, but this should be used for emergencies only. Please be considerate of other students who have formatting dates reserved for their own documents.

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