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Preferred Method #1:

Send answers to Service Questions in the next Tab by email to:

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Method #2:

Arrange for an appointment via email or leave a voice message from 9am EST — 5pm EST, Monday — Friday, at:


I will reply as soon as I am able - the same day in most cases - but within a few days if I am working away from my office.

When we reach an agreement on services and fees, a general contract agreement outlinning the work will signed and exchanged, along with any necessary Confidentiality Agreement for sensitive data.

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Service Requests

To aid in understanding the services you may need and prepare an estimated fee schedule, please send information to the email address below. To help you target specific services, I have composed a list of items you might address in your email, or you may simply write down what you will specifically need.

What kind of service do you need to help you with your research or evaluation?

How much work needs to be done? For example: minutes to transcribe, pages of data to code, pages or word count to proofread or edit, number of articles included in a literature review, etc.

Do you know what coding method you will use for data analysis?

Will you be using computer software for data analysis of your qualitative data, such as NVivo, or an MS Office program such as Excel?

What is your time frame for return of completed work? For example: you are conducting ongoing interview and would like two interviews transcribed per week over the next month; you have a 150 page dissertation you need proofread or edited within two weeks; you need a 15 page reference list formatted in APA style by the end of the week, etc.

Are there services you wish to bundle together to complete your project?

Can you upload your documents to a free Dropbox account? If you have never done this, instructions can be given.

Do you have a budget you need to work within?

What other specific parameters do you need to work within in order to complete your work or reach your goals?

Please feel free to add any other descriptions or specifications that will help me understand the nature of the service(s) you need.

Thank you.

Caryn Austen

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